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The Mystery of the Lost Artifact: Can He Find It?

The age old tale of the man and the clitoris, may have more meaning behind it than we think.  Knowing the anatomy of the body is important, but one could argue that it’s only half of the equation.  All bodies come in different sizes and shapes, and the same goes for the clitoris.  To elevate your experiences sexually, you must be in tune with how your body works.  Even a man who knows the vagina like the back of his hand, could struggle, if he doesn’t know your body.

The clitoral hood comes in all different sizes, and this can dictate the way you produce orgasms, and what feels good to you.  Someone with a larger clitoral hood may have trouble producing an orgasm from oral sex, unless penetration is involved.  Someone with a smaller clitoral hood may have an easier time with oral stimulation alone, but may find added penetration to be over stimulating.  As a society, we place so much blame on our partners for not understanding our bodies, but we must first understand our own bodies.  

The first step to becoming the teacher, is to become the student.  Learn your anatomy first and foremost, then explore it.  Find out if your hood is large or small, find out if your vagina is deep or shallow.  Shallow vagina havers may not enjoy deep penetration.  Once you figure out more about your anatomy, explore it.  Learn what feels good to you, learn your body top to bottom, not just your vagina.  The saying that you shouldn’t have to teach a partner how to please you, is inaccurate and limiting because our bodies are not the same, and no one will know your body prior to learning it.  You are unique, and so is your body.

Knowing your body does not stop at vagina and penis, it’s about learning every place that has positive and negative reactions.  Feel every part of your body, mind, and soul through self exploration.  Play around with hot, cold, breath, tingles, any and every sensation you can think of.  Massage different parts of your body, explore different sensations in each part of your body.  You may have different buttons that are set off when you explore different parts of your body.  Know those, and explore how to maximize sensation within those areas.  Find out what stimulates your mind, find different places to take yourself mentally throughout an orgasm, understand how to tap in not just physically, but mentally too.  

Once you have figured out what your yucks and yums are, you are ready to teach future partners.  Show them the way your body takes in pleasure, and learn theirs too.  The beautiful thing about bodies is that they are all different.  The sexual orientation of you and your partner doesn’t matter, what truly matters is that you know yourself, and can teach those that you choose to be intimate with. 

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